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If you're experiencing problems with the game, look through the following to see if your issue has already been addressed. If it's not here, please use the Children of the Nile technical support forum. The forums and this page are provided as a courtesy to you in an effort to resolve your issue as fast and as easily as possible.

For customer service issues, contact custmserv [at]

Notice: Be sure you have updated with the latest patch!

Sometimes, when using alt-tab and the Steam overlay, keyboard shortcuts stop working. How do I fix this?
I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall an earlier version, and now the game crashes
The game doesn't start, or gives the message, "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_33.dll was not found. Reinstalling application may fix this problem."
European Version - English (UK), Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español
Listing of video cards that have Hardware Transform & Lighting and work with the game.
Lag problem in large city
Game used to run, now goes to blue screen at startup
Game used to run, now crashes at startup
Monitor goes into powersave mode when demo or game is run
Demo / game won't run despite system requirements being met and drivers being up to date.
Game won't start; copy protection compatibility problem suspected (CD related error messages)
Game won't install (XP)
Attempting to uninstall the demo gives an "Access Denied" error message.
Game plays in widescreen only
Graphics refresh problem, graphics appear smeared (Nvidia)
Logitech mouse problems
General System Performance Improvements
In game text is illegible or not displaying properly.
After exiting the game, desktop has changed to a widescreen setup.
The game crashes to desktop after initial loading screen finishes loading
The mouse scroll wheel does not work.
On the Load screen or World Level, the background is white.
The game is choppy, experiences a slow frame rate, or there is a sluggish mouse response.
The game plays, but there is no sound (any platform).
The game plays, but there is no sound (Prowler 4.1 installed).

How do I choose which graphical variant of a shrine, townhouse, temple, laborer's hut, farmhouse, servant's shack, brickmaker's home, or mastaba is built?
Laborers don't go to work site or complete construction project.
Temple dedication problems
Shopper never completes trips to shops
Laborers are not hauling across the river to construct a designated pyramid/obelisk/statue/stele.
Despite the presence of a commander and a training ground, none of the soldiers are training.
Despite having obtained copper, the khopesh maker is not making any weapons.
Many of the overseer's options are greyed out and unavailable.
Laborers remain in their huts and do not work.
Despite an abundance of food every harvest, many citizens complain about missing bread.
After the harvest, the government food disappears very quickly.
How can I bypass the starting movie everytime I launch the game?
How can I change the autosave function to save more or less frequently?
Where are my screen shots saved?
Despite the presence of a tomb (mastaba or pyramid), prestige still dropped when the pharaoh died.
Despite an excess of food, none of it appears in the granary.
Why is an elite upset at having no feast to attend when a nearby noble has been having a feast every night.
Although city guards exist, they are not actively attacking mugging and robbing vagrants.
Why are my people upset about no pleasure opportunities when I have festivals frequently?
Why can't I see the sun, moon and stars?
Despite importing small statues, the cult temple remains undedicated and without a statue.
A world level military site indicates there are no soldiers to send into battle, despite the occupation of several soldier tents within the city.
Why is a merchant unable to get his upkeep?
After creating a scribe and then a priest, no one ever moves into the priest house.
Will widowed characters remarry?
Is bread the only source of food for my citizens?
The Wall of Fog limits the amount of a city that may be viewed.

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