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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile is coming to stores this November!

If you pre-order the game, you will receive a free strategy disc with "behind the scenes" content. This disc is available for a limited time at all EB and GameStop stores while supplies last.

We worked hard helping to put this CD together and feel it contains real value for gamers.

Want it today? Visit your local EB or GameStop store to preorder Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile and you will receive the bonus CD to take home.

You can also preorder on line today at EB Games or GameStop and receive the bonus along with the game when it's released, per the instructions on the below links.

PreOrder today at EB Games or GameStop

Bonus CD Features:

   10 in-depth movies with commentary by key members of the development team
   Full Music Score written by composer Keith Zizza
   Art Gallery of never before seen concept art
   Exclusive Trailer
   Exclusive 2005 Desktop Calendar
   Exclusive Contest: Win a trip to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Bonus CD Sample
Here are two of the movies from the bonus.

Note that these movies contain early gameplay footage of Children of the Nile. Much of this is behind-the-scenes type stuff, which has since been fixed or changed. In addition to the informative nature of the videos, we think you'll enjoy seeing the differences between this and the finished product!

Movie #1: Introduction
Download: (10MB)

Chris Beatrice gives an overview of what the game is like and how it differs from previous city-building games.
Movie #2: People
Download: (16MB)

Chris Beatrice and Jeff Fiske talk about how the people function in the game and describe how they are much more real and substantial than in previous city-building games.

Movie #6: Game Structure
Download: (17MB)

Tony Leier talks about what you can expect from the Campaign and Scenarios in the game. Jeff Fiske goes into some detail about the underlying game structure and how the 3D engine enhances gameplay.

Movie #10: Prestige
Download: (11MB)

Chris Beatrice discusses the prestige mechanic in Children of the Nile. Why prestige is important, how to gain it and how it affects your ability to build a large and thriving city.

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