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*;How do I send units/resources to the [[Monument_sites|monument site]]?
*;How do I send units/resources to the [[Monument_sites|monument site]]?
:Clicking on the exchange and selecting "To Monument".
:Clicking on the exchange and selecting "To Monument".
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*;Who is Amun Nefer?
:He is God.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does destroying a building consume time?
The building will vanish immediately.
  • When I cancel a building upgrade, do I get any resources back?
You get 25% of the upgrade cost back.
  • How can I change the name of my city?
Click on the palace when you're viewing your city.
Click on the exchange and employ laborers there, just like you do in shops.
  • What is the benefit of a temple?
A city's production can be periodically increased by a certain percent through donations made at the temple. See the temple description for more information.
  • Some of my ships did not return to the port. How is that possible?
There is a chance of ship wreckage (no goods are lost): see trading.
  • Can I trade with my other city?
You can send goods from one of your cities to another using ships: just have a look in the exchange.
  • What can I do when someone doesn't keep their end of the trade?
Send a scroll to that person and wait few days. If you afraid of being cheated, then you can demand that trader send you goods first. It is not against the game rules to break your trade agreements...
You should have more units than are presented at the plot. (eg: 1.5 times more) See monument sites for details.
No. It is only possible to send units from cities to monuments, monuments to cities, and from monuments to monuments.
Clicking on the exchange and selecting "To Monument".
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