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Image:icon_pyramid5.png The Immortal Cities: Nile Online Wiki Image:icon_pyramid5.png
Immortal Cities: Nile Online is a persistent browser-based empire building game created by Tilted Mill Entertainment. It is set in Ancient Egypt. Play with thousands of other players as you construct cities and monuments worthy of your legacy as Pharaoh! Nile Online is casually paced; it's something you can play throughout the day, minutes at a time.

There is nothing to download or install - within seconds you're commanding, tweaking and growing your empire from anywhere that you have access to the internet.

In-game screenshot
In-game screenshot


Image:Btn_notepad.png Help for New Players

You can also check out Tips from the Betas and visit the Forums for even more tips.

Image:Btn_notepad.png Commonly Used Tools/Data

Image:icon_sphinx5.png Gameplay, By Topic

Image:Juggler.gif Special Topics

Image:Icon_traders.png International Help/Ayuda Internacional/L'aide Internationale

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Image:FI.png Suomea puhuville
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Image:BO.png Image:SR.png Image:CR.png Image:MN.gif Uvod i Često Postavljena Pitanja
Image:ES.png Para los hablantes de Español

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